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Coffee Shop

The ll Caffè di Roma – LAVAZZA is a famous Italian coffee shop located in our newly FMB boat showroom in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Elegance meets tradition in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Around the world, Il Caffè di Roma is the Italian café by Lavazza: a cosy and relaxing café which looks beyond fleeting trends to embody the best Italian tradition of cafés as the quintessential place to meet.

Tasting an espresso at ll Caffè di Roma is a ritual to savour in every detail: from the classic and familiar ambience, with its warm and natural colours, to the unique and unmistakable aroma of authentic Italian espresso by Lavazza.

Our menu offers premium Tea, coffee, Expresso, Iced coffee and wide selection of ice cream, pastries, muffins & desserts. We also have a selection of takeaway menu including salads, soups, appetizer, sandwiches, pizza, & famous Italian dishes.

All the items are served to all tables inside the showroom.